Saturday, October 30, 2010

The day before Halloween...

We spent the morning and afternoon baking! Chocolate covered Oreos, Carmel apples, pumpkin cookie sandwiches, candy corn cookies and candy corn cupcakes! All to yummy!

He caught a package of M&M's. His facial expression was pricelss!

They can throw a football!

Parker popped 2 balloons with one dart!

How strong are you?

Casey asked me if I thought it was a good idea for Pax to be throwing darts? My reply, a smile. We will see. He did great he popped 2 out of 3!

Fall Festival take two...

We had a wonderful time at our Church Fall Festival! An evening filled with fun and fellowship!

I realize Parker doesn't look as though he is enjoying his face painting. He is simply being very serious! He loves face painting as most of you know. It's pretty much a daily must at our house!

Pumpkin Painting

hmmmm which cupcake do you think he selected?

Parker wore Snake Eyes (from GI JOE) for the evening

A little "bad guy golf"! As Pax said

Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Fall Festival...

Parker and Dandy... Meme and Dandy surprised us!

Parker and Hailey....I love these pictures! A peek into the future.....

Mr. Cool .....Flash

Paxson had a blast playing in the big park! Always a big treat! Once 3/4 of his class turn 3 then they will graduate from the toddler park to the big park! He is ready!

Parker saying hi to Hadley and her daddy!

Paxson trying to play it cool. He wouldn't wear the new belt or cape we ordered. Go figure.... :)

This was Parker's last Fall Festival at School for Little People! Can't believe big K next year!
ugh........ Lucky us, we have several more to look forward to for Paxson.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Deleting pictures...

How do you do it??????????? I have logged on the site to clean up our blog a little several times and each time I find myself putting it off. I know I need to delete some of the old pictures on the side bar however I simply can not do it! I realize I still have copies of the pictures on my computer and our photo website but I can not do it. Sooooo I suppose for now they will stay a little longer. I love comparing the pictures seeing how the boys have grown and changed. With this in mind I ask you to please bare with me. I will clean it up and update the pictures in time. :) Hugs to all! Can you belive Oct. is almost over!?!?!? Wow this year is flying.....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It once was a yellow pumpkin but now it's a Jack O Lantern...

A dear friend that I previously taught with hosted her annual pumpkin carving party. She is truly the hostess with the mostess. From decorations, snacks, entertainment, and beverages she knows how to throw a wonderful party. We started going when Parker was 3 and look forward to it each year. She also hosts a gingerbread decorating party at Christmas time. I am so grateful for the invitations! I know how much it takes to put a fabulous party together and I so appreciate everything she does! I love getting to see old friends and catch up! They boys had a blast and came home with beautiful jack o lanterns, goody bags, bags of gummy worms, and huge smiles!
Paxson's expression says exactly how he feltabout the inside "messy"!

He eventually used his hands to clean the pumpkin out.

Paxson was slightly more interested in the yummy treats rather than carving the pumpkins.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not So Scary Halloween....

We headed to River Bend for the Not So Scary Halloween Festival.

Jack O Lantern creating...

Creating ghost suckers...

Glitter webs

Penny Toss

cylclops eye toss

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can it get any better......

My parents gave Casey and I a camping tub for christmas our first year of marriage. Sadly we have only used it a few times. However, we made use of it this weekend. We will always remember the evening! The boys were sooooooooooo excited once they realized that we were actually going to sleep in the tent. "All night long?" as Parker asked. And we did. Man oh man being 6 months prego and sleeping on the ground was a little bit on the uncomfortable side but completey worth it!

I think we will blow up the air bed to put inside and lay on next time. :)LOL

Helping daddy put up the tent

And the evening activities started...

Campfire hotdogs for dinner

Yum Yum's gonna be so good!!!

Roasting marshmellows

Morning after table... This made me laugh. Certainly not what the talbe looked like the morning after before little ones. Now the table is filled with sippy cups, water bottles,sweet tea, fruit roll ups....

Good morning sunshine

Waking up

Daddy and his boys warming up by the fire watching the sunrise

Daddy and doughnuts