Monday, December 28, 2009

NEW verses OLD...

How to decide....

House hunting can be extremely stressful. But it is something everyone experiences a few times during their lifetime. We have been pretty fortunate with our experiences. It really came down to the crunch with our current home. I looked at literally over 20 homes. I even had a book with photos, comments, pros&cons, etc. Then the moment we walked in. I knew it was the one. It all seemed easy from that point. (not really :) This time around has been slightly challenging. We had an offer so quickly on our home that we really had not looked at any homes in Henerietta. Once we started looking the uhoh.......sat in. We actually decided that we may just have to rent for a while and build. Building offers the opportunity to design our home and have more space. Yet as we discussed the convenience of space...I really couldn't help but think space really isn't our family. We all end up together at night, and our days are spent together in the living room and kitchen. Do we really need more space than we already have? Although more rooms provide the benefit of easier organization and convenience. Is more room to spread out and fill with things really our family. We are not a very private family. Most of our time is spent together in the same room. Casey has often said that if we ever build we should build an enormous master bedroom, living room, kitchen, then one other room for the toys and miscellaneous acquired junk.

Then a home was brought to our attention. The house is not listed yet. They were discussing selling their home with a friend that happen to know we were looking for a house in Henerietta. It is a older home. But it just has such a "family" feeling to it. As we walked around we could imagine our family in the home. It's amazing how it all works. Don't get me wrong I certainly see some projects I would be ready to tackle. I personally love older homes. I enjoy changing things and working on projects. Casey on the other hand enjoys not having projects going on. :) So we are thinking, talking, and praying. I know if this new house is the right house for our family it will work out.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Do you mind helping again....

Well I have another favor....The photographer and designer of our Christmas cards is having a Christmas card contest. Please send an email, address below and vote for ours #2. I know you helped once before and and I am so grateful. I know Deedra will give something totally awesome! I hate asking again but I am not beyond asking. hehehe She is amazing she took my belly shots when I was pregnant and she recently took our fall photos. I can't wait to schedule another apt. with her and with your help in voting that could really soon. You may vote through Wednesday. hehehe
Thank you, Kimberly

Voting is over thank you!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A White Christmas...

So........our Christmas plans changed a little just as everyone else. It would have been great if our families were trapped here with us. But we had a perfectly intimate Christmas day with our little family. We arose from the bed around 6:00 to see our surprises. Parker ran out saying "I must have been the best boy in the world because I got so many toys". Paxson kept running around saying "mommy look, mommy look". (Casey and I discussed the sleeping arrangements earlier because we wanted everyone to be in the same room so that we could all come out together at the same time. Paxson went to sleep earlier than the rest of family. I knew he would wake up around 1:00(ish) so we just made sure it was really dark so he would just walk to our room and get in bed with us as usual. Well sure enough at 2:00 in the morning Paxson came running into our room "mommy come here, mommy come here" he was carrying his new dancing Brobie doll from Yo Gabba Gabba it was singing come dance with me and playing music. I grabbed the doll trying to shut it off so it wouldn't wake Parker. I really didn't want to start our Christmas day at 2:oo in the morning. I scooped up Paxson and put the doll in my closet shut the door and carried Paxson to Parker's room. I finally got Paxson back to sleep then at 6:00 he woke up and was ready to go so I wrapped him in a blanket (so he couldn't see) and carried him to our room. I shut our door and locked it and we woke up daddy and Parker. Then our day began! We opened present,s played around and played in the snow. Then for lunch we went next door to our neighbors and shared an unexpected Christmas potluck dinner. It was a perfectly wonderful lunch. I love this time of the year so much! Not just for the excitement from kids but I love the spirit all around. God bless everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Festivities...

Goining to put Santa's key out on the door
Opening presents from mommy and daddy

opening Christmas pajamas

Christmas tree cupcakes we made for Santa and neighbors

I found these adorable boxes at Michael's...we filled them with reindeer food (oats, glitter, and sparkles) for Paxson's friends, my students, and neighbor kids. We also made some special to sprinkle on our lawn for the reindeer. It looked beautiful in the snow.

Chocolate covered rice crispy treats that we made for Parker's friends and neighbors

Making chocolate coated......everything....pretlzes,crackers, peanut butter crackers, pecans, peanuts, cookie sticks,rice crispy treats, cookies, etc. I think you get the picture. We also baked cupcakes for Santa. This year Santa got cupcakes and and gingerbread train.

Daddy finally made it home around 7:30. It only took him 7 hours to make it home from Henerietta. Actually we are very grateful that he made it home. There are many many others still stuck in traffic. He had to walk from the end of our street. His truck got stuck. One of our wonderful neighbors (Presley's daddy) helped Casey get his truck moved to a safer position for the night. Then we settled into our Christmas Eve traditions minus the driving around looking at Christmas lights and for Rudolph's red nose. It will certainly be a Christmas we all remember. Prayers still go out for all those stranded. A true reminder of what it is all about family and friends!

And it snows....

I can't believe we are having a white Christmas. It is beautiful and the boys are enjoying it so much but it sure is causing some major traffic problems. My dad is stuck in Ardmore probably overnight and Casey has been trying to make it home from Henerietta for the past 5 hours.

So as we wait for Daddy in our nice warm cozy house we decided to start taking advantage of the thoughtful Christmas gift from above. Parker jumped right in the knee deep snow but Paxson was slightly more hesitant. It came up to his tummy. As Parker shoveled the sidewalk and driveway he screamed at the top of his lungs "thank you mommy for the snow" and replied actually you should thank God. So he repeatedly yelled "thank you God for the beautiful snow!" I think he would have shoveled a day if I would let him. After shoveling for quite some time I filled a water bottle with blue water color and let Parker paint the snow. Paxson seemed a little more interested in the snow once he saw big brother painting. After warming up from our 1st outing the boys ate colored snow cones in front of the fireplace as I googled snow recipes. I know I have heard of many fun things to make with snow I just can't think of any because we never get to make them. :) I think we will try going out again in a little while and I feel confident Paxson will venture out further. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless! More to come...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A quick update about the house...

Baking the the house...bake cupcakes.....clean the house the house....make candy coated pretzels....clean the the house...wrap presents....clean the the house....get an,PRAY, talk, PRAY, counter....wait....accept offer....contract.....relax.....wrap presents do some more baking...make Christmas messes....clean house...inspector comes....RELAX.....enjoy Christmas events!!! (As you can see many of my posts are very early in the morning or late late in the evenings while all are sleeping so please bare with my typos.)

This month has been a whirlwind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We absolutely can not believe we are in the final stages of selling the house all with in less than a month. I would certainly say God has a plan and is putting it into action. It has been a little scary how quickly things have moved. We have looked at a few homes in Henerietta but no luck. At this point we have been talking with a builder and looking at some lots and land. Our prayer is that the perfect home will become available. If building is his plan for our family then let the building begin. :) We are eager about this new adventure and becoming a part of a small community. We have said for years that once the boys were school age we wanted to move to a small town. Coming from small towns ourselves we truly appreciate all they offer.

Prayers for us to know when he guides us to right home or land.

The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy. Psalm 111:7

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Advent Calendars...

I really wanted to do an advent calendar this year with Parker but just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. We ended up making a tree with Christmas bulbs on it (with numbers) then each day Parker crosses one off. Then he finds the coordinating card and we read it. Each card delivers a special message....."you get to make a smoothie" *** "you may open a present" *** "you can help make cookies for neighbors" *** "you may read two Christmas books tonight" ***" you can make Christmas cards for people we don't know" (then we leave them random places around town...saying things like Merry Christmas Jesus is the reason for the season. etc. It has been a really wonderful experience and Parker gets so excited each day to cross off a bulb and open a card. (I do have to say it has been a little time consuming but definitely worth it.)

I tried to ensure that Parker has an understanding of advent, not that it's just something fun you do at Christmas. How do you celebrate each day of December?

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Back.....

The laptop fairy visited my house. (Stephanie I left a note to head your way next)

Thank you Grandma Kay and Big Papa and thank you to my wonderful husband! I am very thankful for my new laptop and will share it with my entire family!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Christmas Shirts

We made the good old reindeer prints. Their feet were the reindeer's face...their hands the antlers...they sponge painted the sky and used a bottle of sprinkles to make the big red circle nose. It was fun but messy as usual. These shirts will be a keeper just as our spider Halloween shirts.

The Christmas Story

He has been a Shepard, an Angel and this year he was Joseph. The audience smiled, laughed, and I cried! A beautiful gift!

The Kings bringing baby Jesus gifts

Mary and Joseph placing baby Jesus in the manger

The Angels bringing baby Jesus to Mary

Sleeping in the night

Mary was one of Parker's new very good friends...Hailey (I have been informed that they play together everyday and when we leave school she gives him a hug goodbye ...everyday...) :)

Covering Mary with his coat

Knocking on the door asking the innkeeper if they have a room.

Every year SLP reenacts the Christmas Story. It is my very favorite gift of the season. It is absolutely the most precious display of Jesus's Birth. I know Jesus looks forward to the plays every year. I know they provide him countless smiles and laughs. Purely Priceless!!!

Jacob was the innkeeper this year