Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You know were to find us this summer...

Daddy come on just one more jump! How could you resist that???

Parking telling me he just blocked daddy's shot...... "Get that weak stuff outta here!!!!!!"

He's got the whole world in his hands....He was actually singing a different song to me.

Daddy can' t help but introduce a little competition! (Poor daddy got super super sunburned so mommy made him out a shirt on.)

Basketball is a big sport the water and out of the water

Smiles all around...

Look at those long legs and arms

Parker swimming

Jesse's Graduation..Class of 2010

I just love how proud Parker looks in each picture. He loves his uncle Jesse!!!!

Aunt Kasi and Libby before the ceremony

Parker took this picture of Gammer

Chocolates... School colors black and white

Picture Pots Parker and Paxson painted for them

One of the cupcake stands

Kisses and chocolate covered marshmallows

more cupcakes ...

after the ceremony

I love this shows the admiration little Parker has for his big uncle Jesse

Uncle Jesse and his boys

Parker was so good during the ceremony. Pax and I had to walk around a little. :)

Jesse and Hailey...isn't this a sweet picture!!!! She is a doll. I totally approve as the older sister!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving on Celebration 2010...

Parker's Moving on ceremony

Mrs. Canafax (the Director) and Mrs. Bell (his teacher)

This is Hailey. One of Parker new "good" friends this year.

Kate and Parker. This is also Kate's last year at SLP. Kate shared some decious smiley face cookies with us after the moving on cermeony. I'm just so glad that Mary Clare and Paxson are the same age so that we can still keep up with the Foley Family.

Daddy wrestling Parker and knocking him off the tires!

Hudson, Parker, Jacob, Tate, and Jannik

Jannik, Jacob, and Parker have known one another since they were 1 year old. Jacob will be moving to a transisitonal K at a different school next year and Jannik's family will be moving back to Germany! Hudson and Tate are twins that Parker has gotten to know very well this year. They are sweet boys from a sweet family. We have enjoyed getting to know their family.

It was pretty cute. Before Parker would jump he called Hailey over to make sure she saw him. From then on it was "hey Hailey watch this!"

Paxson wanted so bady to jump off like the big boys. So I helped him a little. He stays right with them. Not real sure he realizes he is 2-3 years younger than most of the other chidlren.

Playing Chase in the big park

Picnic lunch in the park before the ceremony

Enjoying one of the treats we made for Parker's freinds. Choclate coverd ricekrispie treat suckers.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Swim of the Season...

The room directly behind Paxson is the Bat Cave formerly known as the Man Cave. It's an outside room built on with TV, Bar, Shelves, the works for Daddy. It's a quaint entertaining room. It has been fun for watching games and hanging out this winter but we are really looking forward to this summer. We are very anxious for quests. Come as you are and we will be the way we are. Plain, fun, and simple! :)

Yes it was cold and the number one rule was no splashing mommy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What happens when I turn my back for 5 minutes...

Paxson got himself a snack. Can you imagine trying to eat the pudding out of a 1/2 tsp. spoon/scoop? He did great getting the pudding from the refrigerator and opening it. :)
EEEE hayyyyy

The boys were outside with me trying to help me vacuum the pool. I know I need to learn to do these things without the help of Casey. So Parker was helping hold the long poles and hook up the hoses. Once I got to the point were I could hold the pole on my on and actually vacuum the pool Parker went inside for a bit to watch a movie. Paxson had previously gone in to get a "snack" he said he was "hungry". A few minutes later I thought I better go and check on them. I propped the vacuum up and went inside to check on Parker and Paxson . This is what I found. He turned into a Ninja with in like 5 minutes!