Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decision Made....

The Boys with their new tattoos. Super Parker and Super Paxson (issued by the tattoo artist known as Daddy.)

We feel good!
Casey was offered a position at another dealership. It could have provided more money and possibilities. However it would also be defeating our focus on family. It has been so nice to have Casey home at lunch and home earlier in the evenings. When considering the trade off it was an extremely difficult decision. The possibilities of more money sure appeared enticing and seemed as though it would be a simple solution to lot of "stresses". But in the end we purely hated giving up the family time. Who knows what next month may bring our family but for now we feel at peace with our decision. As a friend mentioned when you take a leap it becomes more important than ever to trust in the Lord. He will come through...FAITH ( I almost feel selfish at times turning over so many worries. Once I reach the point and I realize (once again) that I am not in control and "fretting" will not solve anything I feel a little guilty turning over my feelings not worrying any longer. That seems like so much to pile on our Father. But honestly I know HE will provide so why waste my time worrying!)
Another friend recently shared that she is so glad she isn't in charge! Well I have to totally agree!!! Thank you Father for loving us all so dearly and listening to our desires and showing us you will carry us through our time on earth.

.....Thanks for the verses I have enjoyed Romans! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stress full times = comfort food

My choices..... a nice glass of Kendall Jackson or food or some exercise. Well I selected a nice walk/run then I came home and we made Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes. Dark chocolate with Reese's cups smothered in milk chocolate frosting topped with Reese's peanut butter cups. I still gave in to the comfort food. :) So yummy!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


This has been one of those posts. You know the kind that you sit down and start typing and your mind rambles so fast your fingers simply can not keep up. So please forgive my rambling thoughts.

Our family is facing a very important decision and lately worries have been pretty heavy on the mind! With our decision for me to resign from teaching kindergarten we knew that sacrifices would be prevalent in our future. We also knew that time with our boys would be well worth the sacrifices. We prayed, budgeted, prayed and leaped. During this time we have taken on an unexpected car payment, change of salary, change of insurance, accepted a job change , moved, and felt the recession in the "car business". However with each change or set back we have readjusted and continued to keep our goal a priority! We never made a set plan of how long I would be away from work we simply knew that we wanted to be with our boys. During one of my "break downs" when I called my mom for moral support. She said something that really impacted me and has continued to replay in my mind. She shared that she is proud of us! She said the fact that we are willing to make sacrifices and focus on what is truly important to our family makes our decision all that more meaningful! During stress full times there are occasions were it seems as though going back to work seems like such an easy solution to so many circumstances. Yet......we both believe the burdens that would follow going back to work would outweigh the burdens we are currently facing. But I also realize that GOD'S plan may be different than ours and I need to concentrate on prayer. It's easy to see the immediate future but the "big picture" is only in his eyes. Once again I feel tremendously grateful to be married to such a loving, supportive, and compassionate man. I am grateful to spend the rest of my life with a man that cherishes his wife and children. Many men would have said just go back to teaching. After all we are paying a hefty student loan payment each month but Casey has continued to share and support my desires. Only one knows our future and we pray for guidance, understanding, and wisdom. We pray that we are patient and truly listen and follow his plan. It can be super scary trying to make decisions on your own. So I am so glad we aren't!
Thank you Father for your love and protection!
God Bless!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

They are here...

On our way to the park one afternoon I couldn't pass up pulling over to play in the Bluebonnets and take a few pictures. So beautiful this time of the year!

Paxson going out for the catch...

It's good and he is off with it...
Here Parker is explaining the play to Paxson. He usually just takes the ball and runs until he falls or Parker tackles him. Parker is a pretty good sport! :) Most of the time.

just hanging out

Paxson was trying to help Parker up. He said "here Parker I help you"!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anniversary Celebration 2010

Meme, Dandy and Paxson watching my class preform.

And they begin...

Mama don't wanna hear that music no more

They used different musical instruments throughout the performance...

Parker noticing us!Preparing to bow

Paxson & Parker Anniversary Celebration

Paxson started out excited but once he saw Daddy and Dandy up close he was ready to be done. I stayed far back out of sight because I was afraid he would want me and my class preformed after his class. I will record him singing the song at home. It is to cute. :)

Parker started the performance off with a bang. I was laughing so hard at his dedication to singing loudly I couldn't switch the camera to video. Casey was using our video camera but when I went to view the recording this morning nothing was there. :( Anyway Parker sang beautiful with such great spirit. hehehe:) He so would have loved seeing the video when he was 16. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Friday nights at Gigi's house...
Looks as though everyone had their own bandanna!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A BIG boy day...

Parker, Dandy and Daddy went to the Rangers opening season game. They had a blast. Parker was so excited when he got home. I heard about every aspect of the game, even about the stinky bathrooms. (LOL)

They brought Paxson a shirt and hat back. Parker is showing me the tough face the "Texas Rangers made when they threw the ball."

Okay so they slept in their new shirts and wore them to school. I know.......but they were so excited about them I just hated to say no.
Dandy and Parker enjoying a strawberry icee.

Enjoying the view

Philly cheese steaks, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, etc.. you name it

Walking into the field...

Dandy and Parker.. (I believe he just woke up from the drive in.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eggs anyone...

We were so busy Easter weekend that we missed out on dying eggs. The boys both dyed them at school but we ran out of time to dye them at home. So Monday afternoon we dyed eggs. Keeping the Easter spirit/theme going.

Notice the black eye on Parker.... Bless his heart a black eye and a busted nose all in two days. Great timing for school pictures. He ran into Paxson's head on Sunday then on Monday he was pushing a scooter at school and ran into a table hitting his nose and cutting his gums. Rough couple of days. Poor guy!!!

Hard to believe that only 2 egss were smashed, crunched, or dropped. :)

Paxson enjoyed dipping his eggs into every color...very artistic

a few scribbbles...

Preparing his egg before dipping. Great way to practice writing his name.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter Bunny Attacked....

Hurrying to keep up with Parker..even though Parker shares Paxson still wants his fair share. :)
Chillin in the front window checking out all their yummy candy.

Gigi called late Saturday and said her and Gammer were missing the boys and wanting to come see them. They hopped in the car, stopped in OKC to do a little Easter shopping and arrived around 8:30pm. Just in time to stir the boys up a little before bedtime. haha Just kidding, you are welcome to come stir them up anytime!

Following the trails upstairs...

Checking out Easter surprises...

And the tradition continues..... Easter morning the boys awoke about 5:30. They both slept upstairs with Gigi and she tried to keep them in Parker's room for a while. (Poor Gigi ended up trying to sleep on the floor and at the foot of the bed due to Parker and Paxson being such great sungglers. So next visit sleeping arrangements will be different. :) After the the 3rd text from Gigi I knew I better get busy. The Easter bunny can't leave chocolate trails all night any longer due to our precious Lizzie. We learned very quickly if the Easter bunny visits late in the night Lizzie awakes and gets into the chocolate trails of candy. I woke up Casey and told him the Easter bunny better get busy making trails. I ran upstairs to entertain the boys. As we anxiously waited upstairs we heard a loud commotion. The "Easter Bunny" tripped and nearly fell down the stairs. That was about all the boys could take they could couldn't wait any longer. Parker just knew he was going to catch the Easter bunny. :) So we all hurried downstairs to follow the trails of candy to our Easter surprises. A perfect start to a Magical Day. Thank you Father for your sacrifice. We are sorry when we get in a hurry and forget to share our appreciation for all you have done and continue to do. WE are grateful and treasure your love!

The Day goes on...

We headed over for a neighborhood egg hunt in the afternoon. It was near Meme and Dandy's. Uncle Brady also joined in for the celebration. It never gets old watching little ones run after eggs. I love their innocent excitement!

Parker needed Dandy's help to reach some.
Paxson was so cute. He usually takes off running to collect the eggs. After all this was our 5th egg hunt of the season. But he just kept running to the eggs yelling "Parker ...come here..come here....more more...Parker" I guess he just loves his big brother so much he wanted to make sure he found some to. That's a good thing. I know how quickly brotherly love can change to brotherly wrestling.

Scoping out his next move.

Parker stopped to check out his eggs...

Taking off...

The first egg of the day....."money". He knew by shaking it that it was money and he was impressed.