Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whirlwind Thanksgiving...

What a awesome & wonderfully busy Thanksgiving we had!

Honestly I don't think we could have possibly fit anything else in. On Tuesday Gigi and Papa came down for the boys feasts at SLP. Then we came home and Papa and Parker put lights on the house and Papa put the crib together (WITHOUT any instructions)! Way to go Papa!!!!! Gigi and Paxson did a little napping. They are such great nappers together. :) Then we squeezed in a little visiting before Papa had to leave. The next morning Uncle Jesse and Haley arrived to finish helping with the Christmas lights. While Uncle Jesse, Haley, and Parker climbed the trees and decorated our yard Gigi, Paxson and myself went to Wichita to run a few errands and look for fabric. My dear sweet precious (unknowing what she got herself into) offered to get Grandma Kay to help her make the baby bedding when she goes for a Christmas visit. Poor Grandma Kay had now way to back out. So Grandma Kay and Aunt Kasi will be designing the baby bedding for our new little Angel. My knowledge of sewing is lacking so I wanted mom to be with me while I purchased the fabric. It took longer than we anticipated but I am so so excited to see it all put together! It will be beautiful! After a full day of errands we picked up pizza and headed back to Henrietta. Upon returning home the lights were hung but we had to slightly reconfigure the plugging in situation. I only had a few melt downs. Not completely myself right now. :) Nothing quite like a hug from your mom! Pretty much solves anything! Aunt Kasi and Gammer arrived later in the evening and entertained the boys while Gigi and I did some pre Thanksgiving baking and called it a night!

We arose early on Thanksgiving day to start all the yummies! Aunt Kasi pretty much did whatever I asked (she was very understanding to my petty worries). Like finishing the name place cards the boys and I made. I had totally forgot to put the feathers on the turkeys. The boys painted our place mats and made the table decorations. Thanks Kasi! Uncle Jesse and Haley played hide n go seek with the boys while Gammer instructed us on how to prepare things. (just kiding) We had and early lunch and everything was so yummy! I noticed everyone slipping away from the table one by one and the kitchen became very quiet. Gammer rested on her so so comfortable blow up bed she willing and happily sleeps on when she visits. Gigi and Paxson headed for their bed and Uncle Jesse and Haley headed back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving with Haley's family. Casey made his way to the living room for more football. While old faithful ......Aunt Kasi helped me clean up. :) It really wasn't bad and we got it done pretty quickly! Being the loving sister she is and knowing me so well Aunt Kasi offered to help me with the outside lights. Poor Casey felt bad and tore himself away from football to help us girls get things working. It took a bit but it all looks so beautiful! We we will add more next year. It takes a little time to get everything just as you imagine. But the boys love it and we have received many compliments! I think everyone that helped believes it was well worth the effort! :)
Once evening approached everyone arose from their naps and Gammer entertained the boys while Gigi, Aunt Kasi, and myself put up the family tree. ( The boys have their own tree that they completely decorate on their own. But mommy is a little more particular about the family tree. LOL)

It was a wonderfully busy 3 days! Thank you so so much everyone for all your help! I am so lucky to have such a patiaent, loving, caring, and understanding family!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 down and 1 more to go...

We spent the weekend in Round Rock for Megan's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by an extremely enjoyable reception. Everything was organized so nicely and flowed so well. It was a great weekend. It will probably be the last of the travels for me until little miss has joined our family.
(In reference to the title...we have had the pleasure of attending TD's, Hillary's, and Megan's wedding. Next will be sweet Allsion's.)

Meeting Meme and Dandy at the church...

Already getting a little tired of photos and the evening had just begun. We couldn't help they just looked so darn cute!!

Waiting on the ceremony to begin.

Preparing for the toast. It's so funny how much children can enjoy the simply things. They love drinking out of "fancy" glasses whenever they can!

The reception was at a beautiful golf course club house. The view was amazing. I am sure Megan and Chris will have some awesome images from the reception.

Paxson and his favorite thing.....CAKE
He couldn't wait for them to cut the cakes! He was so patient through , dinner and the toast. We took a few visits looking at the cakes and he kept rubbing hi tummy saying "yummy in my tummy". It worked out perfectly because we headed straight for the cake as soon as they started cutting it and were fortunate enough to get a corner with tons of frosting! He was happy!

TD and precious Brooklyn

Parker was ready to get his groove on...

He has been telling us all day how he was going to show us some cool dance tricks! He had so many questions about he ceremony and reception. Such an inquirer.

Enjoying a little dancing...

They were both anxiously waiting for the Father/ Daughter dance to end. Not to rush such a special time but those little guys where anxious to get to dancing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

God on his mind...

Lately Parker has really had God on his mind. He has shared a few thoughts, dreams, and conversations that he has had with God. Each story has brought tears to our eyes. It is such an amazing feeling to see your child grow closer to God. He is only 5 years old but his understanding and perspective of our Father completely astounds me. I am beginning to grasp how much I have to learn from a 5 year old. I wanted to share one of his recent conversations.

Parker told Casey...
"Daddy you know what God told me last night?"
...No what did he tell you
"He told me not to worry about you going to Heaven. That he won't take you to Heaven until I am older and can take care of myself. He won't take my daddy from me while I am still a little guy."
...I am glad to know that Parker.

And pretty much tears and hugs took over for bit from Casey and myself. One pretty special little boy! Thank you Father for blessing our lives, thank you for trusting us and allowing us the privilege to be parents!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Eve...

Batman adjusting the black light.

Parker and Paxson passing out candy to the Karate Kids

Enjoying handing out candy

Headed off to get some goodies.
Paxson and I stayed behind to hand out candy. Parker and daddy ventured out to collect yummies. He returned after about an hour with an overflowing bucket and stayed behind to help us pass out candy. Honesty I think both boys enjoy passing out more than trick or treating. Daddy wore the "Jason" mask with gloves and hooded sweatshirt and stood in various places around the yard. A few kids turned around and decided not to come up once thy saw him standing in the yard. Parker yelled "it's just my daddy it's okay". SO I guess he wasn't to scary. LOL We were busy with trick or treats for 2 1/2 hours straight then headed to Meme and Dandy's for the boys Halloween Surprises. Back home by about 9:30 and quickly turned in for the night! And the costumes were retired to the dress up trunk for later fun!