Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Family, friends, food & fun! That is what our Thanksgiving was all about. We had a truly spectacular day! It was our first time to prepare the turkey so we had a little help and it was well worth it! The food was delicious and the conversation was even better. Casey and I wanted to do a little something different this year. Usually it's just family for these celebrations but we wanted to share the joy with friends and celebrate our gratitude. We decided that it would be fun to invite our neighbors and truly celebrate ALL that we are thankful for. Randy and Debora (our pool neighbors) were leaving to go to OKC to spend time with some family but the Zaeppels (our German neighbors) were able to spend Thanksgiving dinner with us. We were especially excited to share a traditional American Holiday with their family. The boys enjoyed having a little girl to entertain. It really was a wonderful day with great conversation, wonderful guests, and yummy food! Thank you God for offering us another blessed year to share with family friends. Oh yeah a big shout out to Uncle Jesse and Papa for putting the lights up....and making our home the "house with the pretty red lights"!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

The boys helped me prepare for our Thanksgiving festivities by making the place mats and center piece. They water colored paper towels and I laminated them. Then they water colored leaves and we made a tree from a brown paper sack. We finished off the table decorations by using pictures of the boys as the napkin rings. It provided the boys with the opportunity to feel as though they really helped out. Things were not on the fancy side... just sweet and simple. It was as lot of fun and so far Daddy still has not noticed the paint spots in the backyard. LOL

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Day with Mom

There's nothing quite like a day with your mom. I knew I was going to see her in a few days for Thanksgiving but I just needed to be around her. So she offered to treat me and the boys to a day in the city. We started our day at the Bass Pro Shop exploring their Christmas Magic. They had several booths and exhibits set up for children to explore including a visit and picture with Santa (Which made it the 3rd picture with Santa so far for this Christmas Season). The boys also made a Christmas ornament. It was a wonderful experience and it was all FREE!! shout out to BASS PRO...(of course we did do a little Christmas shopping while we were there) After the BPS mom treated us to a nice Mexican lunch on the river walk. Then we road the boat through the canal and finished the day with a little more Christmas shopping. It was an all around fantastic day! Thank you mom!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dandy Helpers...

As most of you know we have decided to put our house up for sale. We have put enormous thought and continuous prayer into this decision. So we spent one day cleaning from top to bottom. The boys went to stay with Meme and Dandy while daddy and I did some BIG TIME cleaning. I thought you might enjoy seeing how the boys helped out once they got home.
They made traps. They literally dumped every tub out of Parker's room, pulled every blanket out of the hall closet, and more! I knew they were being quiet and I could hear a ching ching (which means a tub is being emptied) but I was trying to finish something on the computer for school and Daddy well Daddy was watching TV and was unware to fear quiet.

I immediately grabbed the camera (well okay maybe i mumbled a few words in my head first) and took some pictures. Then I discussed with Parker why it would be necessary to ask first next time before making such big traps. The pictures don't do justice. Wish you could have seen it up close. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Each year we participate in Operation Christmas Child. If you are not familiar with it,

it is program supported by The Samaritan's Purse ran by Franklin Graham. This year it was especially sweet because Parker was old enough to really grasp the meaning of helping the children and the value it holds. We discussed the children and their life styles. You can imagine the surprise when daddy explained that these children have no electricity or running water inside their homes. He was shocked! We went shopping as a family and the boys selected items to fill their shoe boxes. Paxson wanted a lot of balls.....imagine that! :) Parker wanted a lot of really big things and we had to keep reminding him that it has to fit inside the shoe box. We ended up with several toys, books, play dough, floam, toothbrushes, bible character figurines, balls, and candy. On the way home Parker said "oh no we forgot clothes." I didn't understand what he was saying. He said "we forgot clothes for the kids." I am sure you can imagine what happened next. It was a great Sunday Afternoon.
Check out the link:
They have a wonderful Christmas catalog where I get lots of my gifts. It's easy and quick, Things for everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We were blogged...

Click on the link to see a few more images of the boys from the Christmas Magic Contest

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Precious Moments

I am completely blessed to have so many opportunities for precious moments. Being the mother of Parker & Paxson obviously supplies me with countless precious moments (just a little biased). But I am also blessed by being a 2 year old preschool teacher which provides me with limitless occasions for being a part of precious moments. I wanted to share a few that I experienced just in the last few days;

It so difficult to decide which precious moment of Paxon's to share. He is at the age when literally everything they do is so sweet and precious. Lately he is really into saying "love you". Really that is all it takes.......he looks up at you and says "love you". You are pretty much putty in his hands. Watch for a special post soon!

Lately, Parker has been very curious about growing up. The other day in the car he asked me if I would have his babies in my tummy or if he would. I reminded him that only girls can have babies in their tummys and shared that his wife would have his baby in her tummy (Stumbling into VERY dangerous area). He replied okay. Wheee it stopped there for now. A few minutes later he asked how he would know who he was going to marry. We talked a little and I reminded him that it is far off and that he has lots of time to be a little guy and play and grow up. Our conversation seemed quiet for a bit. Then he looked at me and said "mommy I want to find a girl just like you!" I smiled, he said "I want my wife to be just like you!" I smiled and tried not to completely break down in tears as I was driving. Then he said............. " When daddy gets home from work I will ask him how to meet a wife like you."

While preparing for snack in my classroom we were saying a prayer and I looked over a child to see why he was removing his hat. My initial response was that a friend was taking it from him. Remember we are only 2 and sharing is not a strong point for us. I continued leading the prayer watching him for a brief moment. Get ready......... picture this..... a little blond hair blue eyed 2 year old cowboy (boots, pearl snapped shirt, and rodeo number pinned to the back of his shirt) removing his hat and covering his heart while we said the prayer. I seriously teared up. PRECIOUS!!! I looked at my aide and said.. oh my gosh this little guy is going to break some hearts.

Now if you are not laughing a little or at least a little weepy.....shame on you for not enjoying precious moments. :)

Live, Laugh, Love

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make it Simple..

Things have been pretty busy for our family and they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I know it is just as busy for everyone else! I love this time of the year anticipating Thanksgiving, Christmas, family gatherings, giving gifts, etc. It is challenging for me to describe the feeling I receive when giving a gift. There is something about finding/making the perfect gift and the eagerness to give the gift. I would truly rather give a gift any day opposed to receiving a gift! (Isn't that how we all feel!?!) This past year I presented myself with the challenge of making and or creating personalized gifts. (Not to mention being creative comes in very handy during such harsh economic times.) Sometimes it seems so much easier to run to the store and pick up something. But then I miss out on that "feeling". I believe God wants us all to have that "feeling" as often as possible and not to miss the opportunities. That "feeling" keeps me grounded. I also want Parker and Paxson to grow up understanding that gifts are something from the heart. I don't want the boys to think you have to go to the store and buy something. That gifts are only something purchased or only tangible things. They can be simple and inexpensive but often irreplaceable! So with this in mind I am continuing my challenge. Parker and I have discussed many ideas for friends and family and are excited to get started. Some are homemade and some are bought but I promise you they all come from the heart!!

With this being said I have attached my Christmas list:

1 pr. Gianni Bini black with silver heels size 7
1 pr. Gianni Bini brown boots size 7
1 pr. Gianni Bini black boots size 7
1 pr. Gianni Bini red size 7
And I believe there are bags to coordinate with each pair

JUST KIDDING....had to end with a laugh!!!
All I need for Christmas is to spend a little time with each of you!!!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness
Galatians 5:22

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vote for Paxson

Vote for Paxson:
No. 4
(Click on the link or picture and it will take you to their blog)
We will earn a nice credit if we win. You can vote online and vote at their booth if you are attending Christmas Magic. Thank you for your help!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What's the deal????

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have so many fun adventures to share but I am having a problem uploading pictures???? Not exactly sure why. Once again I promise to be back strong once the problem is resolved. :) I sure wish the laptop fairy would come visit me. Just imagine waking up to a nice new laptop under my pillow............ahhhhh :) Just kidding I will completely settle for waking up next to Parker, Paxson and Daddy! :)