Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's a ??????????

When we arrived at the last stop we walked up to the counter and the manager winked at me and brought the cookie cake to the counter and opened the box. This was their reaction!ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!!!!!!

It's a Girl!!!!

Clue #7 was at the candy shop and it led us to the end of the hunt....Mrs. Fields Cookie shop

Having a little fun in between the clues...

Clue #6 was in the arcade place

Clue #5...was in Spencers

Clue #3 was inside Bath and Body works

Clue #2 was inside the book store

The hunt started at my hair salon..Mode Hair Utopia (I encourage anyone in the Wichita Falls area to try the salon. The customer service is one of a kind and the professional services can not be beat!) I told mom that the boys were getting haircuts and asked her to meet us there. hehehee We were secretly waiting with the next clue. When they arrived at the salon mom went in and said she was meeting her daughter and grandsons. Cheryl (the amazing receptionist at the salon) said who is your daughter? Mom's reply Kimberly Allen. She smiled and said ohhh I have something for you. Mom read the clue and I assumed she looked a little puzzled and Cheryl shared with her that she was going on a scavenger hunt. Once she was back in the car she told Jesse and Gammer that they were going on a scavenger hunt. The first clue led them to the mall to the book store. Where we were anxiously waiting for them! Once they arrived at the book store they searched for the next clue which led them to the next point of interest. It was a super awesome day! So glad I was able to share it with them!!
P.S. Dad thanks for keeping the secret! Love you all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pioneer Reunion Day 2...

Turtle Races...
They were decorated really cute. I think we will definitely plan on participating next year now that I know how things work!

Watching the parade...Parker and Sarah

Lots of great floats and horses in the parade.

It was a Christmas past theme...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pioneer Reunion Day 1...

Rodeo here we come!

Getting a closer view.

This was our first rodeo. We so enjoyed it. It was all very NEW to our family. I asked Casey lots of questions which proudly he was able to answer most. There is another rodeo Fri. and Sat. evening as well but I am not sure that will fit into our schedule. There is also a football game and we want to show our support the for the football team as well.

Enjoying the show!!!

As you can see Paxson was starting to wear out. We made it until 9:30 but he was pretty tired! Parker was ready to stay. He really enjoyed himself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Place your vote...

Just for fun. We have a sonogram Wednesday September 15th and we are pretty sure we will find out the sex of the baby. We can't wait to share the news. Yet we won't be sharing the news that day. Since this is our last child I want to do something a little different. Here's your chance to cast your vote. Take a minute to vote girl/boy (over on the right side of the blog). No matter what God has decided will suit our family we will cherish this little angel and feel privileged to be his/her parents! No expectations for us we just ask for a healthy little baby!

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse! We love you! Wish we were there to give you a good knuckle sandwich! Love you, Love you, Love you! Have an awesome day and celebrate with joy knowing God created you to be just the way you are....pretty close to perfect!

Hugs, Casey, Kimmie, Parker, and Paxson

Take 2

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anniversary day details...

Taught four year olds from 9-12.
Had lunch with Paxson, Parker, and Ella.
Came home to a clean washer and laundry included!!!!!!!
Daddy took Parker on a walk while I got to relax and watch tv.
Daddy, Parker, Paxson and myself went to dinner and stopped by target to pick up a few things.
During dinner we discussed how our lives have changed and reflected on our blessings.
Came home propped my feet up and relaxed some more.

My oh my how things change....
Not quite like some of our past anniversary celebrations. But I would have to say the gift of a clean house is way way way way up there on the list!!!! The fact that he did it all himself means a-lot to me!

(Actually Casey said he could probably get someone to watch the boys if I would rather go to dinner alone. The boys joining us sounded perfectly wonderful to us. Guess you could say we are "together" family. LOL)

I love my man...

On this day 10 years ago I married an amazing man. I have to admit that at the time of our wedding I did not truly understand all of his awesomeness nor did I truly understood the depth of my love for him. We were young and our wedding was quicker than we originally planned. Leases were up and moving in with friends for a short time period, paying deposits, setting up utilities, etc. all seemed silly. So we moved up the date celebrating with a simple, sweet, small ceremony. I now look back and see that our wedding was a true testament to what we really desire in life. Family, close friends, God's Blessing, and one another! We were still in college and I was student teaching therefore I was not working. Poor guy started our marriage supporting us financially and has ended up willingly accepting the challenge once again. Neither of us knew exactly where our lives would take us. Nor did we ever plan on living basically with one income. We knew we loved one another and were eager to make the commitment to share our lives with one another for eternity. Now just as every marriage has it's moments ours has not been any different. Of course there are days that I feel as though I am going to go insane if one more pair of shoes are left lying around the house, or if I have to verbally ask a certain someone to do something (opposed to reading my mind) I am going to scream. I can say that we dearly appreciate and respect one another, and share the same values. As husband & wife, as mother & father we value family. Everyone values different things. Some place value on vacations, occupations, Ira's, retirement, homes, etc. Which all of these things are perfectly wonderful as well as practical. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions, and ideas. We value family which is why we have worked so hard to focus on our family. I suppose what I am saying is, to all you young unmarried people it is crucial that you understand commitment, and share the same values with the person you spend the rest of your life with. I realize that it may be easy to form personal opinions or judge some of our choices. Yet for us they are the right choices. We are madly in love, extremely grateful, tremendously devoted, and enormously supportive of one another. When Casey and I are old and sitting on the front porch I promise we will look back on our life and smile with feelings joy and peace. I can say with certainty that I love Casey with all my heart and I feel privileged to spend the rest of our time as husband and wife. Trust me if I were to make a list of the pros and cons the pros would largely out way the cons. (Honestly!!!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Zooing it...

The boys and I were in need of a Gigi and Gammer fix. With every one's busy schedules it doesn't look like a weekend visit is in our future for a few weeks so we decided to meet at the Zoo. It was a perfectly wonderful day. Not to hot, not to windy just enough to feel like the end of summer. Look out fall we will be zooing it all the time.

Lovin some Gigi

Feeding the fish....the boys saw several catfish up close for the first time.

Paxson helping Gammer drive.

Checking out the alligators! Paxson was impressed!!!

Oklahoma territory .....the brown bear

Snow cone break...thanks Gigi for the yummy snow cones and tasty lunch.

Parker drove with Gammer most of the day. (With very minimal accidents. JK They worked great together.) A little story behind the name Gammer. When Parker was very young he had a hard time saying Grandma and he shortened it to Gammer. So Gammer it is!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Current Events...

Parker's Day:

Parker: "Mommy I think you should fix my hair like this everyday."
Me: Um okay...why?

Parker: "Well there is this girl in my class that told me she likes boys without glasses that look like me and fix their hair just like mine."
Me: Well okay. Who is this little girl?

Parker: "Well the girl that you saw me talking to outside and you asked her who she was."
Me: hmmm okay well I will try to keep fixing your hair that way. I think I fixed it the same way I always do."

Parker: "okay sounds good."
Me: Parker, what do you think of this little girl?

Parker: "She is fun to play with and she whispered secretes into my ear while we were on the carpet."
Me: okay buddy just remember to listen to Mrs. Grace and have fun!

Paxson 's Day:
He is adjusting to school. He adores school but has a little difficultly adjusting to the transition of leaving mommy to go into his classroom. (To put it mildly) :)
As most of you know Paxson is absolutely precious, sensitive, loving, passionate, and oh so strong willed! We have encountered many battles as he has grown and matured. Silly it sounds as though I am talking about a teenager. Oh dear....

(A little back ground on Paxson's teacher). She has taught 2 year olds for 26+ years at the preschool. She is hands down the most dedicated teacher I have ever met! It takes an enormous amount of devotion, love, and passion for children to teach two year olds. She has stayed with the little ones for years. WOW!! She takes her position as a two year old teacher very seriously. She is amazing with all personalities. Therefore, I had no worries only excitement about Paxson being with her this year. I know he is an amazing loving hands!) She peeked into my room a little after dropping him off. (We are only separated by one classroom.) She shared that he was doing great, playing in the shaving cream. She showed me pictures she had taken. She extremely sincerely made a comment about "Theresa"...from the Jersey house wives. It totally cracked me up! (Any of you that watch bravo--housewives--- know exactly what I am referring to.) Excellent comparison. She said he was pretty upset for a few minutes then off playing having a great time.

It has been an amazing first week at school. I am LOVING teaching 4's. Feels like a great year. (I'm trying hard not to sweat the small stuff. It seems to never ever end.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School...

First day of school for all of us..

You know it's going to be an awesome year when you follow a rainbow all the way to school. It was beautiful! What a special start to our morning!

Paxson is ready. He is in Mrs. Moran's room this year and ready for action. He has peeked into her room while being up at the school with me and is very excited about starting preschool.

Parker with Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Connie checking the job list. He is the guinea pig care taker this week. They have 2 guinea pigs, a fish, and a far. This is going to be a very fun and exciting year for him.