Friday, June 17, 2011

The last few weeks...

Parker's lemonade stand. He was pretty successful! He sold out!!! (Another small town bonus.)

Parker teaching Paxson to swim. "Paddle paddle, kick kick"...Parker

Hanging out with Aunt Kas Kas

Paxson had total pudding face the entire time! (You know the commercial where the little boys are in the principals office and one of them has the permanent smile from pudding.)

Parker and Daddy. They had let Kasi and Paxson win once. (so they say)

Just to precious to not have a camera in hands reach constantly!

Paxson and Gammer enjoying a little bonding time. Everyone loves an Ipad!

Gracie's first time in her play saucer. Loven it..........

Parker and Paxson working on their lemonade sale sign. Parker made decorations for each cup. He taped rainbow circles to every cup!

Paxson assisted him in designing the sign and cup decorations.

So excited about the new glow in the dark basketball.

Aunt Kasi came and stayed a few days before leaving for camp. We will miss her bunches!

Aunt Kasi trying on Paxson's sunglasses. He insisted she wore them. He heard us talking about her loosing hers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

End of the season Tball party...

A proud moment getting his trophy!
We celebrated the end of the season with a super duper fun swim party!

The team! Minus two of his good buddies.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A very special day...

Baptisms for Parker, Paxson, and GraceLynn

June 12, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nothing like a campfire...

Paxson enjoying some marshmallows pre-smores....

The Finals...

A little game of our own....

Team Daddy doesn't take it easy on Team Parker

Daddy money shot & Parker's money block!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One of many....

How we plan to spend many many many days this summer!

Gracie has her own little pool under the cabanna. Her precious little fair skin needs to be protected. So far she is loving it! I sure hope it stays that way.


Paxson being silly..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet the new Director...

So....I have been meaning to share our latest news. I was approached earlier this year about taking a position at the preschool at our church in Henrietta. Initially it sounded nice but the thought of leaving School for Little People simply did not sound appealing at all! I have deep love and respect for SLP and my family there. I have become such good friends with the genuinely caring and loving ladies at SLP. They are truly truly family!

However....... I knew in the back of my mind that ultimately it all came down to Parker, Paxson, and GraceLynn. For the last two months of this school year Meme watched Gracie till noon when we got home but wouldn't be able to continue doing so through next year. (OH how we wish she could!!!) So the thought of having to find somewhere to leave Gracie while we were at school just sounded soooooooooooo undesirable! Pretty much not even a consideration. Just couldn't/can't do it!

The idea of being in Henrietta began to sound really nice. It is important to me to be available for Parker. I want to volunteer in his classroom and help with school functions . Being in Henrietta would make it that much easier. After being approached again by our Pastor and the preschool board they simply made me an offer I could not resist. I accepted a position as the Director. It sounds a little strange still but I am the new director at First United Methodist Preschool of Henrietta. Wahoo .......An entirely new Hat for me. Yet, I am so eager to get started. The program is in a restructuring year and the board is extremely supportive! Thankfully, it is still part time actually we will be finished 30 minutes earlier everday so we will still have our afternoons free and together. Good things to come.
Very exciting time!