Thursday, October 29, 2009

A whole lotta fun.....

Parker & Buzz
Paxson getting daddy with a noodle.

Daddy had to show them how it's done.. I love my husband!!!!

Saying goodbyes............................................... with beautiful scenery

Parker giving Zelta goodbye loves....

Paxson going for more kisses...

The noodle fights.......Paxson was mostly a spectator...although he did join in at times

Paxson and his Dandy

Sitting with Mamaw..taking a break from being rowdy boys ...

Fred, Dadaw, Zelta & Dick

Mommy and Paxson sitting on the front porch.................Aw I want a big front porch with a beautiful country view.........

Mamaw and Dadaw have gotten Paxson addicted to choc. covered cherry Hersey kisses. I think we cut him off after about 10 or 11. ..........Seriously haha

Paxson and Dadaw helping Lynn cook hamburgers and hot dogs!

Last Sunday after the Halloween party we headed to Ringold to Lynn's house for an Allen Family gathering. We all had a wonderful time. Heidi & Lynn are always so gracious to open their home for all of us! It takes a lot of work and we are thankful as well as very grateful to them for doing so. Parker and Paxson love exploring the wilderness. I so enjoyed visiting and meeting Dadaw's sister. It really was a wonderful evening. We ate delicious hamburgers and hot dogs and excellent guacamole! So much fun and so much yummy food! Parker asked us on the way home " how come we don't have a farm? Can we get one like Blakes?" Parker also truly adores "Buzz" (Snakes son). He is so good to Parker and tries hard to involve Parker even though he is several years older. Parker has talked about Buzz since first meeting him at the deer lease over a year ago. As we were preparing to leave Parker wanted to give Buzz "a love". I wondered what he might think about that so I followed Parker as he asked Buzz for a love and he said sure and reached down and gave him a big hug. Very very sweet moment. I love seeing young boys becoming young gentleman. I am thankful to be part of this family! I just love big families and spending time with them!!! The Allen's are pretty good at entertaining and making you laugh!!!

Tradition Continues...

Parker and one of his new"VERY" good friends...Victoria

We took the opportunity to get a quick family pic.

Post pic of the decorated Jack O Lanterns...a little challenging to get 15 four & five year olds together for a picture. :)

Paxson after the party playing at the park

Parker, Victoria, Grayson

Let the pumpkin decorating begin.....

Trying to get another post decorating pumpkin pic

Gigi helping Paxson decorate his pumpkin....Jack O Lantern

One of the fathers walked up to me after the party and said that his wife was a teacher and that I was a natural and that I should be a teacher... (hehe)

Game time...this particular game they had to pick up Halloween ducks using tongs.... a big hit

Jacob playing ...toss the ball into the jack o lantern...

Cleaning hands to prepare to decorate cupcakes......The little angel in the orange and black is Whitley (John John little sister) she is two this year so she joined us for the festivities. Her mom said she was so excited to get to go with big brother to Parker's party! She jumped right in and had a great time! I think she is pretty used to hanging out with the big kids. :)

More hand cleaning....

decorating cupcake....

Parker and his Pirate Jack O Lantern

Parker ....playing at the park with Pressly, Landon, and Avion
Pressly is a precious little girl that lives down the street from us. She started SLP last year. When she arrived at the party ..Parker walked over to her and told her "Pressly your hair looks really nice today." My little man!!!

More decorating... With lots and lots and lots of sprinkles

John John enjoying his cupcake

Thank you God for making it such a beautiful day!!! The weather was great!!!!!
I think everyone had a great time, we sure did!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fire Station Field Trip

Parker's class took a field trip to the fire station. He explaiend that he already knows about the fire station from last year but he still likes going to see the truck and tools.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Festival at School

He has the hip thing going on.... yeah sitting back having a cold one before the parade

Superman... The "S" lights up with flashing lights and looks really cool in the dark. Look at his muscles....he has been working out with Daddy in the evenings.

Couldn't resist putting this one in.....

He looks thoroughly interested....huh..... I think he is ready for the after party... :)

Parker selected his Superman costume for the fall festival and Paxson was a Rock Star. Paxson is highly sensitive about clothing so I was amazed when he let me put the jumpsuit on him with such little resistance. I didn't push it with the boots, or the tie on Afro wig. Parker selected Superman because he couldn't wear the mask for his Snake Eyes costume or carry sword. (The sword was a little inappropriate for church and masks are requested to stay home for safety precautions while walking in the parade.) It was a wonderful evening. After the parade we had hamburgers and hot dogs in the big park and played with friends. Parker found out he likes lemonade. On the way home I explained that I can make lemonade for him at home and he was amazed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paxson's class at school made precious Halloween shirts. Naturally Parker wanted one as well.
After seeing how cute Paxson's turned out I couldn't resit helping Parker make one.

We started by making a web. We used a golf ball from Dadaw and rolled it in black paint then he rolled it all around the shirt. Then we used his hands to make the spiders! It turned out just a sweet as Paxson's. The shirts will be keepers.

Paxson hanging our in his Halloween gear. Mamaw and Dadaw gave them the Halloween hats and critters. Thank you bunches. They have both been very creative with them. :)

Parker helping me set my class room up. In the mornings Parkers helps me set things out and prepare for the children before going to his classroom.

Parker hanging out with his hat and critter.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bigger Boy Bed...

When Paxson was born we redecorated the spare bedroom and turned it into Parker's new big boy room. Paxson took over Parker's room. As Paxson gets a little older we assume the boys will end up both sleeping together in Parker's big (big) boy bed. In the mean time Paxson is still in his crib. I have felt that Paxson really is to old for a crib and is ready for a transition. So this past weekend we moved him into a toddler bed. On Sunday morning Parker and Daddy went with Dandy to help mow Dadaw & Mamaw's lawn. While the big boys were away Paxson and I took down the crib and assembled the toddler bed. We moved out the crib and moved in the toddler bed. He was a very enthusiastic and supportive helper. As I was unscrewing bolts and holding the crib together trying not to let any parts fall he would throw any toy in sight inside the crib watching it make everything shake. Each throw he looked at me with a devilish grin and each time I reminded him we THROW balls. Taking down a crib is such an emotional experience it actually turned out very well and Paxson helped mommy get through the fact that her boys are growing up and it's time to move the baby things out. Well here is a pic of his new bed
So far he has been doing really well. It is different so it will take a little time. But he seems to really enjoy his independence. :)

This is a picture of the letters my sister made for me for my birthday. She has made Parker's initials and this past year she painted Paxson's name. What really made this such a special keepsake is that she let Parker help her. During one of his overnight stays with her they worked on it together. He painted every other letter. The picture does not do the art work justice. The letters that Parker painted show the evidence of a child's work yet they all have the worn look so it all comes together beautifully. So so precious and meaningful. (Sorry the picture is crocked.)

Many more exciting posts to come...Fall Festivial & OSU Homecoming