Monday, February 28, 2011

Who said cleaning isn't fun...

Spraying Lysol and wiping with Clorox wipes is nothing new around our house. With everything that is going around I have been constantly cleaning this house from top to bottom. Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the house and everyone is reminded to wash their hands pretty much anytime they walk into a new room. We generally run most of the boys toys through he dishwasher or I put them in the tub with Clorox. But, for the toys we can't wash we spray and wipe with bleach. So far we have stayed pretty healthy in the Allen house this season. I am trying extra hard since Gracie arrived to make sure germs stay away from our home! The boys are great helpers most of the time. That is until they decide they are "bored".

After cleaning their room and disinfecting things I could tell they were worn out with plain old cleaning. I decided to spice things up a little. They used chopsticks to move their bad guys from the spray towel to the dry towel and to turn them from front to back. They went through an entire can of Lysol cleaning their guys. LOL

Guess you could say it was a hit!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bows, Bows, and more Bows...

So I think I am already addicted! I found out about a little family owned business here in WF that specializes in BOWS. I received many bows from their shop at my shower and was informed on how necessary it was for me to make a visit by the shop. Upon my first visit I selected 2 coordinating headbands and bows to go with Gracie's coming home outfit. I was very proud that I came home with only four items. My first visit was a little overwhelming. They carry any bow you could possibly imagine and if not then they will create whatever you envision!

Well upon my second trip I didn't have as much restraint. GraceLynn and I dropped the boys off at school and headed for the "bow store". I had a few bows that I was in search of to match a few outfits. I quickly found the bows and headbands I so desperately needed and crazily continued my shopping. We eventually left and I am a little embarrassed to say how much I spent on hair bows and headbands for a one month old. It was a learning adventure and I learned that a limit
should be set before going bow shopping. :) This girl stuff is gonna get me!
(jk...well maybe a little)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A weekend away...

Headed to Perkins with Gigi.

"I'm ready mom lets go!"
GraceLynn hanging out with mom ....headed for Target.

Having yogurt with Aunt Kasi. They took a little break from running on the library lawn, playing football, playing baseball, and anything else they wanted to do.

Swinging while we waited for daddy.

Future Cowboy!

A weekend get away! The boys went to stay with my mom for the weekend. While Gracie and I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and relaxed. It was a much appreciated weekend for all of us. I knew the boys would have a blast and would enjoy some special attention! Needless to say what happens at Gigi's stays at Gigi's. (To some degree.) The first pic she sent showed Paxson standing on the arm of the chair looking over and said "Is this okay at Gigi's?" Made me laugh. That is one thing Casey and I are very understanding of! Grand kids are supposed to get to have fun and break a few rule when they are with Grandparents.

Enjoying lunch with Jesse!

Watching Jesse make their pizza.

Walking Hampton and Dotty

2 of 4 dogs that stay with mom but aren't really hers. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Love Day...

A commerical about Valentines Day kinda got me thinking. You know the one that talks about Valentines Day isn't a day about "you" ..."me" it's a day about "US". So I decided to do something a little different this year. Originally I planned a dinner for Casey and I after we put the boys to bed. Instead I decided to celebrate our Valentines dinner as a family! I planned a special menu for the whole family. Once Casey got home from work he took the boys to Meme and Dandy's to get their Valentines. When they returned I had a candle light dinner waiting for them. Parker was so excited when he walked in. He asked where I bought everything. I explained that I made all the food and the "fancy" dishes were ours. Kinda made me feel a little bad. Poor guy is so used to plastic cups and paper plates. LOL Paxson's eyes were priceless when he saw the table and "fancy" glasses. He was so proud to drink from them. At one point he nearly fell out of his chair but he managed to save his drink. True Allen. Just Kidding!!!! GraceLynn was dressed in her Valentine romper but tuckered out while I was cooking. Which made for a peaceful meal for mommy. The dinner was spectacular and an enjoyable time was had by all! We will all remember this Valentines. Hugs and Kisses to all!

the images aren't to good sorry about that

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where does the time go?????

3 weeks old

8 lb. 9 oz

(she has gained a little more than 1 pound a week....YEAH!)

(she has grown 3/4 inch)

I believe she may be following in the boys foot steps!

The flash kinda gets to her after a bit....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow days.......

Before and After our shopping trip...

What did you do during all the snow days?
We did a lot of baking, playing games, making tents, baking, playing bad guys, watching movies, baking, gun fights throughout the house, coloring, putting on magic shows, painting, play dough, hide and go seek, and pretty much anything else you can think of! By the end of the week (6 days to be exact) we were all ready to get out of the house. I had run out of ideas to keep the boys busy and entertained so on Saturday when it warmed up to 53 we ventured out. It was an exciting trip. My first time out with all three children. Not that I haven't been out shopping with three children at a time by myself, but out shopping with a newborn makes me way more anxious. We managed just fine. We shopped at Toys R Us and then headed to target. After popcorn and ices we took a break to feed Gracie and then finished our shopping trip! It was a much needed outing and we all enjoyed ourselves!

Meme and Dandy came over after day 4 ...It was nice to see other

Of course we enjoyed a little outside play time!

One of Parker's daily Gracelynn "fixes"

Playing a little potato head

...just hanging out

watching a little batman

tent time... (one of the many we had during our time inside)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Super Bowl Commerical Ever...

It will air Sunday during the Super Bowl!