Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perfect Sunday Afternoons...

Cadberry Egg Cupcakes...

One word.......YUMMY.......

I made cream cheese frosting and tinted it pearly pink and then covered them in crystals.

Paxson and I made cupcakes while Parker and Daddy played army men. Paxson carefully unwrapped each Cadberry egg and placed them gently in the center of each cupcake.

Can't help taste testing a little

Ready Set Go... Take two...

Preparing to go...

The second egg hunt of the day was held in Wichita Falls at Lucy Park.
(We sat in the car until just before the hunt began due to the heavy winds). I know the weather was crazy to be out in but they had so much fun and I hated for them to miss out. Believe me I had a few other things I would have rather been doing but I knew how much the egg hunts meant to them. Plus seeing their smiles makes it all worth while.

Heading out...

Paxson went right up the Easter Bunny. He kept saying "hi bunny hi bunny" and Parker told him that he would see him next week when he brings eggs to his house.

Parker found a prize egg. He won a bubble bunny. :) Yeah

Paxson just kept saying "more more more more candy more more more".

It was a little difficult to watch them both as they ran to capture eggs. They were fast and quickly filled their baskets!

Mr. McGruff was there passing out cookie bags "say no to drugs". Paxson said "puppy come here puppy come here." Parker told him that he "met him a long long time ago at his mommy's old school." He also asked if he remembered him.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ready Set Go...

Let it begin....
Parker waiting for the signal...

The Kiwanis club hosted an egg hunt in Henrietta at one of the parks. It was way way windy but we held strong, It was so worth it, Parker's comments "this is the bestest egg hunt ever thank you mommy for taking us" and Paxson's comments "balls, candy , yummy...more balls". We ended up with tons of candy 2 free blizzards and 7 free ice cream treats from Dairy Queen , and 2 quarters! I would say that was pretty good for our first hunt of the year. :) After the hunt we took all our eggs to daddy at work and opened them with him. Then we headed home for a short rest for Paxson. We still have a big day ahead of us! :)

Parker had a plan. He saw one egg that he really wanted so he planned a path to that particular egg. He picked up all the eggs in his path and of course a few others he pasted by on his way to his prize egg.

Paxson wanted to open each one as he picked it up. He quickly learned what was inside the brightly colored "balls".

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My boy has gone girl crazy...

Today's discussion during our drive home from school...

Parker: "You know mom I am really going to marry Victoria."
Me: Oh you are?!?
Parker: "Yes because I am always very nice to her, I brought her flowers, I never say mean things to her and she will want to marry me."
Me: Well Parker remember it will be a long long long long long time before you are old enough to get married or even have girlfriends.
Parker: "Well I am going to be the wedding picker and I will pick Victoria."
Me: Okay well for now why don't you just have fun playing with her and your other friends and not worry so much about marrying her."
Parker: "Mom....I want to marry a good girl and Victoria is a good girl, you know there aren't very many left and I might not meet any more."
Me: What...there aren't very many of what left?
Parker: "Good girls"
Me: What do you mean?
Parker: "She blows sugars at me and she plays chase with me and she is pretty."
Me: Okay
Parker: "I told you there aren't many left?"
Me: Why are you saying that?
Parker: "Daddy said he wants me to marry a good girl like you and there aren't many out there."
Me: yes...
Parker: "Victoria is fun and nice and pretty just like you so I should marry her."
Me: Okay Parker well just have fun with all your friends.

This is one of many many discussions about Victoria.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Little boys and guns...

This is one of the 3 tubs of "weapons" we have in our home as well as two trunks full of dart guns!

Well I have to admit I am one of "those" parents. You know the kind that say "my child will never..." I was always very careful about the things I shared before being inducted into parenthood. I knew that the second you said my child will never..........well your confidence and arrogance just insured that your chances greatly increased that your child will full force do whatever it is that you so dreaded. Are you curious yet??????

I am guilty of saying................ My child won't have guns or get into that kind of play. Guns hurt people. LOL LOL LOL LOL Unless you are privileged enough to raise one of God's little warriors then it is difficult for you to totally comprehend and appreciate all that little boys entail. I quickly learned that it doesn't matter how you shelter or safeguard you little boys. They will make weapons out of anything. They are drawn to danger and have a craving for rescuing and protecting. It's their inner desire to fight evil. After all that is what God created men to be. His intentions were for men to be strong, courageous, protectors, and providers. So here I am today with ample guns, swords, light sabors, laser guns, bow n arrows, and dart guns helping Park and Pax fight bad guys. (I believe there is certainly a line to be drawn about weapons and I do believe that children must learn bout the dangers of real weapons, but for now role playing and fighting bad guys is a big deal in our household.) So I am pretty much saying I told you so to myself. Yet this I told you so doesn't seem to be so bad. I take it as a compliment when Parker tells me I am an "awesome ninja or really great at fighting bad guys." I do cherish these sweet words because I know they will soon only be memories.

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
An oldie but oh so good!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3...

Rainbow Cupcakes

I divided the batter into 6 different colors and the boys poured a spoonful of each color into the cups. I meant to use big baking cups and totally forgot. The turned out looking a little like mushrooms. But still fun!

We started the day with green milk in our cereal. At lunch our juice and water turned green. Dinner was celebrated with various green foods. We also made rainbow cupcakes with big fluffly white clouds. To yummy!

A Special Lady...

As I sat down to write this mind keep wandering back to the words of a dear friend. Well friend really isn't a very sufficient title. She is so much more than friend. She was Parker's preschool teacher when he was 2 and I have been given the opportunity to get to know her personally over the past few years. She is a devout non-judgemental Christan (I say non-judgemental Christian because I have met many Christians in my life that have yet to learn how sad judging others makes our Father), she is an amazing listener, she is passionate about young children, and nature is her thing. I knew from the very first time I visited with her that God had placed her into our lives for many reasons. Her ability to pray, listen, and act is quite powerful. Recently she has made a big life decision about her occupation. She will be resigning from teaching kindergarten at the end of this year. From there she really isn't sure where she is going. She is praying and listening. She made some comments about money that were provoking. She said she really doesn't want any more money. I honestly believe her. She is right that money and things are society expectations. There are times that I literally hate money. I don't want to be dependent on material things and I get frustrated with myself when I am. Why does society place such an importance on "things" rather than people? How did we all get so far out of touch? When did owning a big tv, fancy car, or huge house become more important than helping others, having conversations, praying together, enjoying nature and simply just living. After all what really matters!!! In the last few years we have made some major changes in our life. Through these changes although hard at times we have gotten closer to who we want to be. Thanks Brooke for reminding me what matters. Everybody needs a "Brooke" in their lives.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 2...

Double Chocolate Brownie Cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting and Strawberries
I used the new Starbucks dark chocolate baking chips. yum yum
Casey had a friend coming to visit so I prepared a yummy dessert. I'm sending the left overs to work with Casey I don't want to end up eating it all and I know I will. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1....Let the baking begin...

Guess what we are up to this week...
We made green rice krispie treats and used shamrock cookie cutters to shape them. They turned out very cute.

I hated the thought of wasting the cut out pieces so I shaped the left over pieces into balls. I thought they also turned out pretty cute. We are off to share with neighbors. Check back for tomorrows post. We are trying out a few new recipes for St. Patty's Day.

A Day out with Thomas

When I heard that Thomas the Tank Engine was going to be in Grapvine. I knew we had to go. We called Gigi and asked if she wanted to drive down and go with us (I was a little concerned going taking both of them by myself to such a big event. ) Gigi was in and headed our way. Saturday morning we ventured out and headed for Grapevine. It was a wonderful day full of adventures. I love these kind of days!

Paxson digs funnel cakes!!!!!!!

1st funnel cake (Parker has had bites before but must not have remembered how delicious they are!!!!!)

They both were hands on with it!

Visiting the Blacksmith. Parker even made a spark. :)

They both enjoyed taking a break playing in the sand box. It was a nice big box with several trucks, shovels, and various other sand toys. At one point the sand box became very crowed with little kids. One little girl (with her mother right next to her) came up and took Paxson's truck. His reaction was to cry. My reaction was to go get my sons toys back!!! The mother acted like she didn't realize...huh... How could she not have realized he was playing with it. I realized that Mamma Cub needed to come out and protect her baby cubs. I jumped in the sandbox (not caring that I was the only adult in the sand box) and sat right next to Park and Pax guarding their possession's. It's funny how that trait becomes ever so present when you feel your children need help defending themselves. However, Parker and Paxson didn't seem bothered by the crowded sandbox they enjoyed playing and played for quite sometime.

We had lunch and watched the magic show. They both really enjoyed the show. I believe the video proved that!

Audience participation was fully supported by the Piper. They passed out musical instruments to all participants and formed conga lines dancing with their instruments. It was cute.

Paxson wanted to but wasn't really sure about the slide once he got up to the top. What do you think happened after he slid down the first time. :) It took great distraction techniques and a really cool sand box to get him to leave the slide.

The jump house and slide were a big hit. Plus it was free, unlimited, and well supervised (no cutting in lines) LOL

This is just after they received their Thomas tattoo.